Take a Guided Tour of Civ: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide

E3 may be over, but there is still a lot of great information and gameplay footage crawling its way into the public’s eye. Such is the case today for the upcoming Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion, “Rising Tide.”

In an extended gameplay walkthrough, viewers are able to see some of what “Rising Tide” has to offer. On a basic level, “Rising Tide” appears to be similar to classic Civ gameplay, but the expansion does offer some new mechanics and game variants.

As seen in the video, “Rising Tide” places an emphasis on biomes and forces players to take new steps in order to interact with and thrive in a given environment. Viewers are also given a look at one of the new factions headed to Beyond Earth, the Al Falah. Tough and adept scavengers, the Al Falah gain bonuses to city processes and diplomatic interactions.

Sitting through the walkthrough video showcases some of the exciting alien landscapes that can be found in “Rising Tide,” as well as how each new element added by the expansion changes how players battle for supremacy.

If the “Rising Tide” walkthrough has you itching for some more Civilization: Rising Tide action, take solace in the fact that the expansion is currently slated for a Fall 2015 release.


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