Take a Look at the Year’s Top Tech in This Awesome Infographic

Technology has seen an unbelievable amount of growth in the past few years and 2013 has been no exception. With a bevy of technological innovation, the past nine months of the year have been some of the most important in recent memory.

The infographic below, courtesy of FinancesOnline, takes a look at 2013 from a tech standpoint. In a clean, colorful and easy to read graphic, viewers can take a look at everything that has been released this year – from tablets to computers and everything in between.

Looking through the infographic also allows some insight into what is to come. With three more months in the year, and the most anticipated video game consoles ever on the horizon, it seems to be safe to say that 2013 will end with just as big of an impact that it started with. Take a look at the infographic in full below and see for yourself the remarkably year we have has tech-wise.

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