Take on Legion with ‘Agents of Mayhem’ and their Firing Squad

Agents of MAYHEM is an open world, single-player, third person action game created by Deep Silver Volition. You’re working to stop the evil Legion and their plans for world disorder, and you’ve got a whole team at your disposal. This trailer for the Firing Squad show cases three unique heroes: Scheherazade the enigmatic Iranian assassin, Oni a former Yakuza assassin, and last but not least former hip-hop wannabe star Pierce Washington soon to become King Pin on devil’s night. All three of these characters can be utilized in the streets to take the fight straight to Legion minions.

Scheherazade, takes to the fight from the shadows to the battlefield with her sword and knives, but she also has the speed to vanish and reappear beside her next opponent for a surprise attack. Oni radiates an aura of fear that weakens enemies making it easier to take them out with his pistols. King Pin brings the beats to keep the enemies dancing, so he can mow the crowd down with his machine gun.

With these killing machines at your disposal, defeating the Legion should be no problem at all. The City of Tomorrow is an open world environment to explore with your firing squads and complete world-shaking missions, find epic doomsday devices, and evil undergound lairs. Worry not though, Agents of MAYHEM, releases on August 18, 2017, for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One currently set at a retail price of 59.99. Check out the website for some extra inside info, and keep it tuned in here for the latest and greatest.

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