Take Some Elven Lembas Bread from LOTR on Your Next Adventure

Have you ever wanted to eat some of the lembas bread that Galadriel gave to the Fellowship of the Ring to fill their guts whilst on their long and arduous journey to destroy the One Ring? No? Me neither, but thanks to Jimmy Wong and his feastoffiction YouTube cooking show, LOTR fans can now make their very own Elven wonder bread.

Wong’s version of lembas may not be able to fill your cavernous stomach for days on end like it does in the Tolkien novels, but considering the ingredients he used it’ll definitely keep you full for a good part of the day.  It also contains some ingredients to blow out your colon, so if you don’t digest protein well you may want to back off on the 4 heaping scoops of whey protein in your lembas mix.  Learn how to make lembas bread below, and if you try it out let us know what it tastes like.  You’ve been needing an Elven meal to put some lead in your pencil…

LoTR Lembas Bread, Feast of Fiction Ep. 4, Lord of the Rings

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