Taliban Hangs a 7 Year-Old Boy – Can We Nuke Them Yet?

I usually don’t like going into “real” news because it’s nothing but grim outlooks, depressing motifs, and death, but this story just kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.  Supposedly the Taliban hung a 7 year-old boy for spying.  Seriously?  How funked up are these people?  We should’ve smashed these freaks from the get go instead of easing up in Afghanistan and going to Iraq.  Now these a-holes have a strong foothold again, and are killing kids to make their point, and establish rule by terror tactics.

Is there a rule in warfare that says once your enemy hangs a child you can go in an bomb the shit out of their territory?  Let’s get real here.  Do people or organizations like the Taliban really deserve any sort of human rights?  Shouldn’t we be able to go into their territory and vaporize any signs of life?  How the hell are people that think this way even able to live in this world?  We need to round up all of these dipsh*ts in the Middle East, put them on an aircraft carrier down in Antarctica, and then start testing nuclear warheads on them.

Am I insane for thinking that way?  It’s a shame that these terrorists embed themselves with civilians and use them as shields from war.  If they were in their own territory I’d sure as hell hope some of my tax dollars would be put to use in a missle type of way, if you catch my drift.  What a bunch of backwards thinking zealots!  You’ve been completely disturbed, and hopefully are feeling some hate like Darth Vader…

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