Talking Tech: Logitech’s Commitment to Hardcore Gamers

At PAX South I had the chance to sit down and talk with Logitech’s Doug Sharp, who is the Global Product Manager for the company’s G-line, which is solely dedicated to creating innovative gaming peripherals to give gamers seeking the best performance when it comes to competitive play, or just kicking their buddy’s ass for bragging rights.

We discussed the genesis of the Logitech G brand, which materialized in 2012 and has only grown since thanks to the laser-like focus on creating the best video game peripherals on the planet. Doug credits the strength of the brand to the symbiotic relationship that Logitech formed with esport teams such as Cloud9, who serve as beta testers for many of the Logitech G products.

One of the products we focused on during our chat was the recently released G910 Orion Spark mechanical keyboard, which retails for $179.99. The price may be a bit shocking for a keyboard, but when you consider the functionality it offers to gamers seeking the best possible performance, the barrier to entry is actually quite small. The keys on this keyboard are mechanical based, which means they have a spring that makes up a seven part switch system that offers a 25% reduction in travel time. If you’ve ever gamed on a PC then you know any advantage you can gain makes a difference, especially in FPS and RTS games that reward those who are fastest on the trigger. Logitech even configured a fail switch in the keys to ensure that even if part of the mechanical system breaks down the keyboard will still function and not leave gamers exposed on the battlefield with no ability to control the action.

I wasn’t able to test drive the G910 with a game, but I did get to grope it a bit to experience the feeling of a mechanical key system. There’s definitely a noticeable difference in how the key press feels. The feedback you get from the mechanical system is much more precise than you’d get with a standard keyboard, so it’s not hard to see how these style of keys could give gamers seeking better performance out of their peripherals.

I have to say that my favorite aspect of the Logitech G910 Orion Spark keyboard is its programmable lighting system. Besides looking awesome, the lighted keyboards offer other advantages to PC gamers too. Through the use of a SDK both game developers and end users can program the keyboard to specifically function for a particular game. One example of what this can achieve is having only the keys needed for a particular game light up, while the others remain dark. For someone like me that gets a bit confused trying to control a game on a keyboard I found this feature to be awesome. It eliminates any unnecessary keys to allow you to visually see which ones you need to focus on for the game you’re playing.

FPS Setup
FPS Setup
RTS Setup
RTS Setup

The G910 also comes equipped with the Arx control slot, which allows gamers to dock their smartphones in to use for second screen devices. Through the Arx phone app and Logitech software gamers can get custom stats for the games they’re playing displayed on their mobile device without having to physically hold it while playing. The idea of second screen support has always sounded cool, but the implementation isn’t ideal because you do have to remove yourself from the game to view the second screen, the Arx system on the G910 removes this frustration.


Logitech has always been a trusted brand for PC peripherals and other gadgets, but with the introduction of the Logitech G line in 2012 it’s rebranded itself as a leader in high performance gaming peripherals. The relationships forged with esports teams have helped to give the brand notoriety in the competitive gaming scene, which means the products are legit and used by the world’s best, so if you want to up your game, you should definitely give Logitech’s gaming devices serious consideration.

Check out the G910 in action below.


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