Tamashii Nations SDCC 2017 Prototype Boba Fett Figure Review

Fans of the Tamashii Nations Movie Realization line I’ve finally got my hands on the SDCC 2017 Prototype Boba Fett, and as expected he’s glorious. Although, mine did come with a damaged targeting reticle, but that’s a shipping error, so I can’t fault the sculpt.

You can check out my full review below via the embedded video. If you want a quick run down I can tell you that he looks marvelous in his all white armor. He also poses very well, but his shoulder pauldrons are very loose, so they pop off quite a bit, especially when you’re trying to pose his arms, or change out his hands. Speaking of which, this Fett comes with five total pairs of hands. He also comes with a blaster rifle, a sword and sheath, multiple throwing knives, and of course his jet pack. The knives are tiny, so make sure to keep them in some sort of bag unless you plan to display this figure only. If you take him out make sure to remove them, or pay close attention, because sometimes they can slip out.

This figure also poses very well and has plenty of articulation points to craft pretty much any stance you want, so he makes for a great figure to photograph if that’s your thing. Head on down below to check out the full video review.

Tamashii Nations Prototype Ronin Boba Fett Figure Review

Proto-Fett Review Summary

Sculpt - 9
Build Quality - 8
Price - 7
Paint - 9.5



This Fett may just be the all-white version of the standard release from a few years back, but he's just as awesome and definitely stands out thanks to the stark contrast of his white armor against most backdrops.


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