Tarkin and Leia Sing “It’s Not a Moon” Duet In Latest Star Wars Bad Lip Reading Parody

The Bad Lip Reading team is back with a brand new bad lip reading treatment of Star Wars: A New Hope, and this time they created yet another little ditty for its characters to sing. In particular, Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia sing a duet titled, “It’s Not a Moon” as they stand on the Death Star’s bridge and belt out their non-sensical tunes. Yeah, you didn’t expect the lyrics to make sense did you? That’s half the fun of these BLR song parodies. Their lyrics are reminiscent of what you’d hear in the commons at a mental institution, but that’s what makes them brilliant.

The tune starts out a little slow, but once Tarkin and Leia get into it, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the gibberish being spewed at you. Although, the chorus really hammers the song’s message home, which is the fact that the Empire has the ultimate power in the universe, and that it is indeed no moon.

Head on up above to soak in the glory of this Star Wars Bad Lip Reading bit featuring the platinum hit by Tarkin and Leia, “It’s Not a Moon”.


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