Team Fortress 2 ‘Meet the Medic’ Clip Is All Kinds of WTF Goodness

I’ll be the first one to admit that I never got into the Team Fortress series, but I understand its popularity with gamers.  What I don’t understand is the animated short for the series, which I have posted below, that deals with the Medic class in TF2.  I think this is an elaborate commercial for the series becoming free to play online, but the cartoon is entertaining to say the least.  It has so many little nuggets in it that it’s hard to take them all in during your first screening.  I’m sure Team Fortress fans will get more meaning out of this thing than someone like me, but I dug it regardless.  It has a high production value, blood and guts, and all kinds of tongue in cheek humor.  Even if you’ve never played the game it’s still worth a watch.  Check it out below!  You’ve been thinking that this would make a great adult oriented cartoon…

Meet the Medic



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