I’ve had a void in my life since the last Sonic Racing game came out on the Xbox 360 generation of consoles. I really loved that game, and, as to be expected, only Nintendo consoles have had any cart racers of note since then. Now we finally have something to be excited about in terms of cart racers even if you don’t have a Switch, and that’s Team Sonic Racing. Now I was really hoping that they were going to somehow bring back Sonic R for some kind of remaster with that first trailer that they released.

No I wasn’t, nobody was asking for that.

Team Sonic Racing was revealed however, and I got to play it recently at E3, and boy was it fun as hell. It’s exactly as you’d expect it to be, it played really well, and felt similar to the last game in the series, Transformed. This time around, all of the items are Wisps from Sonic Colors, and all of the characters are Sonic characters, rather than just SEGA characters. The most stand-out mechanic of this game is all of the team-related stuff, because that wasn’t in any of the previous games. Basically, it behooves you to stick together with your team, because you can all benefit one another. You can draft off of each other, certain types of characters don’t slow down on bad terrain, and you can even swap items back and forth. Not only that, but when you give the items to a teammate, they get stronger once they’re handed off, which really gives you incentive to do so. The whole time that you’re doing this, you’re building the team boost gauge which anyone in your team can activate. When the gauge fills, and you activate it, it gives you all a major boost that lets you blast through the competition. If you’re good at working together, the gauge fills pretty fast too, giving you multiple chances to fill it and use it in a race.

So while Sega and Sonic Team is still struggling to make a good 3D Sonic game lately, they’ve done a great job bringing back classic Sonic and Sonic Racing games. It’s got local split-screen too, so you can get your fill of that or take on people online with your local team of three and kick some butt!

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