It’s been nearly ten years but the newest installment in the Mario Golf series is set to drop May 2nd. Until then players can get an early look at Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS with the demo available on the Nintendo eShop.mario_golf_box

Not only is it a pleasant surprise that there is actually a demo available but there is quite a lot of content included. Three courses are available to hit the links, with three holes available for each course, along with a Star Coin Collector mode available to try. Four characters are playable: Yoshi, Peach, Mario, and Bowser.

The game is advertised as being similar to Mario Golf: Advance Tour with lots of Mario themed golf antics like before but just as deep of a story mode for single player in which Miis can be upgraded and customized. The game also introduces items such as Fire Flowers, Bullet Bills, Bob-ombs, and more. The multiplayer also seems very enticing as along with local multiplayer there will be at least Nintendo sponsored tournaments, and like Mario Kart 7 players can create online tournaments on the fly.

Mario Golf: World Tour releases in North America on May 2nd and, as all Mario Golf games were, is developed by Camelot.


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