Set for release this summer, The Wolf Among Us will put players in the role of Bigby Wolf. Formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf, Bigby has since become the sheriff of Fabletown, a hidden community within New York City that is home to mythical and fantastic creatures right from the pages of adored storybooks. The Wolf Among Us will function as a prequel to the FABLE series. Players will take control of Bigby as he is tasked with protecting and keeping the citizens of Fabletown away from the public eye.

This will prove to be no easy feat, however, as Fabletown’s residents are anything but normal. Snow White (who is responsible for Bigby’s commission), a chain-smoking member of the Three Little Pigs, and a carjacking Mr. Toad are just a small portion of the characters that Bigby will encounter. Trying to keep everyone safe on the harsh streets of New York City will take the most out of Bigby – and by extension the player.

It seems that Telltale is carrying the crown of last year’s game of the year accolades with their heads held high. The Wolf Among Us will be released in the same episodic format as last year’s smash hit, The Walking Dead.  Players can expect the beautiful graphics and immersive storytelling that Telltale is known for. It will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, and other platforms that have yet to be revealed.

Move over, The Walking Dead, Telltale has announced there’s a new sheriff in town. You can check out the first batch of The Wolf Among Us screenshots after the break.


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