Telltale’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Episode 3 – “More Than a Feeling” Review

This past week saw the arrival of the third episode of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy series. The latest episode, “More Than a Feeling”, heavily features Gamora and Nebula as fans are treated to a look into their past and why the sisters have a bunch of beef between them in the game. The episode features the other Guardians of course, but Thanos’ daughters definitely get the lion share at least until the final chapter when the team comes together to make a final decision on the Eternity Forge and how it should be, or not be used for their benefit.

The third episode of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy series definitely offers up some game altering choices, especially regarding how you choose to handle the relationship between Gamora and Nebula. There will be a moment that will force you to make a game changing decision on how the two move forward, which I appreciated, and it gave me great anxiety while making it. I can assure you though that whichever choice you make, you will fundamentally alter your experience moving forward, so Telltale definitely packed in a tough decision fairly early on in this episode.

There’s another major choice that needs to be made closer to the end of the game, and it too will vastly alter your experience. It revolves around the Eternity Forge, but I can’t go into much more detail than that without spoiling the episode’s main plot points. This decision — unlike the aforementioned one above —  will impact the entire team. This is due to the divide between certain members and how they feel the Forge should be use, or not used, so you will be pissing off fellow Guardians regardless of the choice you make towards the end of this episode.

In addition to these impactful decision the episode is also littered with some action spots, which see all of the Guardians getting into the mix. Even with the QTE gameplay, I found these segments to feel the most Guardians of the Galaxy appropriate. The action felt true to the characters and their world, and it provided you with chances to control most of the team members during these skirmishes.

There’s also two puzzle/look around for stuff moments, but they quite frankly bring the pace of the episode to a halt. There’s an Eternity Forge puzzle section that gets fairly frustrating due to the game’s poor camera. It requires you to explore an ancient room using Star Lord’s rocket boots, and just by walking, but to get to some of the areas is a chore because you have to fight the damn camera to provide a view that allows you to progress. I hated this segment, and it nearly ruined my overall experience, but it seems that gameplay tropes like this are just Telltale staples, so it is what it is. I just didn’t find them to be entertaining in the least.

This episode also suffers from pacing issues. You’ll get through the first four or five chapters in an hour or less, but then you get slammed with the overly lengthy final chapter, which nearly lasts as long as the ones before it. I’m not complaining about the overall length of the episode, as it will range between one and a half to two hours, so it’s right around the Telltale length standard. I’m taking issue with how fast the early chapters hurry the characters through them, only to have the pace become space-slug-like.

As with any Telltale series, if you’ve been playing the chapters up until this point, then you have to continue with the third episode of Guardians of the Galaxy. The whole focus on Gamora and Nebula is well worth the time investment, and outside of the uneven pace, the episode is fairly enjoyable. I would have just preferred the chapters to flow more evenly with each other, as well as more action and dialogue over search-for-clues-puzzles, which suck most of the air out of the episode’s momentum. With that being said, “More Than a Feeling” effectively moves the plot along, and ends on another cliffhanger to entice you to come back for more, which I will gladly do.

Ep. 3 Review Summary

Story - 8.5
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 7
Entertainment Value - 8.5


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The third episode of Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy series puts a heavy focus on the relationship between Gamora and Nebula, which offers more than a few major decision points that will effectively change how your experience plays out. It's a solid episode, which happens to have a bit of a pacing issue.

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