Ten Aces Kickstarter Preview: Tactical TBS Designed for the Player

Ten Aces League

Ten Aces League

The team at Traptics, an independent Greek Studio, are looking to change the way that gamers experience turn-based strategy and they are looking for your help to achieve this goal. Traptics recently took to the ever-popular Kickstarter website in order to help raise funds to complete Ten Aces, a TBS that is designed specifically around the player’s experience.

All too often, it seems that with the increased attention towards indie games and the crowdfunding movement, hundreds of games have begun showing up that are nothing more than quick cash ins. Ten Aces is shaping up to be anything but that, from simply watching Traptics’ Kickstarter video, it is abundantly clear that this is a team with a specific vision and a desire to change the way players experience their games.

Ten Aces is a TBS that is finely tuned towards the player, emphasizing strategic skill over the randomized elements that often plague the genre. As the Kickstarter page tells us, Ten Aces is “a game for players who want to challenge themselves, and win because of their skill, and not their luck.” These are heavy words indeed, but Traptic has ever intention of backing them up. With a focus on tactical prowess instead of random dice rolls, every battle in Ten Aces will be challenging – but completely winnable.

Ten Aces draws inspiration from many of the great SRPGs of the past – namely Final Fantasy Tatics, the Fire Emblem franchise, as well as Warhammer. Having such respected games as inspiration and goes a long way towards showing the level of detail to expect from the finished product. Coupled with the fact that Ten Aces draws heavily from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign the team spent time playing together, and it seems that Ten Aces has the perfect mold for an intriguing and deep TBS.

Story is important to Ten Aces and every battle will have the potential to change the narrative. Telling the tale of ten Demigod brothers, Ten Aces’ story will engage players every step of the way as the fully realized personalities of each and every character drive the narrative further. Permadeath will play a huge factor in combat, and losing a character in battle will change the flow of the story entirely, ensuring that extra care must be taken every step of the way.

Ten Aces certainly seems to have almost unbridled potential. Traptics are hard at work carefully creating what very well could be one of the greatest and deepest fantasy TBS game in years. Those who are interested in Ten Aces should head to their Kickstarter page for more information on the game, donation breakdowns, as well as a playable demo of Ten Aces’ current build.

Ten Aces Kickstarter Video:

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