Terminator 2 Caused $16.5 Million Worth of Movie Damage


The latest entry in CinemaSins‘ “What’s the Damage” web-series is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. If you’re not familiar with this parody series the concept is simple. The parody masters over at CinemaSins pick a film and estimate the costs of all of the damage that takes place during the course of it’s runtime. They then account for inflation to come up with a 2014 monetary figure to showcase just how much shit gets fucked up in an action movie.

It should be no surprise that Terminator 2: Judgement Day featured a boatload of damage. Nearly the entire movie is one big gun fight and explosions happen on the reg. Quite frankly one would think the damage total would be higher considering that Terminators are from the future and made up of some killer Skynet tech, but we will just have to trust the math that the CinemaSins guys come up with. Although with their logic rich people could definitely buy a few T-800 and T-1000s.

Mind you the $16.5 million figure is in 1991 dollars. You’ll have to check out the full video after the break to see the 2014 total. Head on down below to see if you have enough scratch to buy a terminator.

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