Terminator: Dark Fate Review – Better Than the Trailers Portray

Terminator: Dark Fate is now in theaters, and if you’re like me and thought it looked a bit hokey based on its trailers, then I urge you to give the full version a try, because it’s so much better than its marketing materials make it out to be.

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Hey now fans of Terminator sequels, Matt Heywood here to review Terminator: Dark Fate, or what I like to call a way better movie than the trailers make it out to be.

I’m one of those Terminator fans who didn’t quite mind the less-than-perfect and James Cameron-less Terminator sequels. Even while not in the same league as T1 and T2, I still found them to be fun sci-fi action films if anything else. 

So I was surprised when I first saw a trailer for Dark Fate, which was being billed as the only true sequel to T2, thanks to Cameron producing it, that I found it to be overly lackluster and uninteresting. 

Well, it’s a good thing movies aren’t just trailers, because after a screening of Terminator: Dark Fate, I must tell you that I came away very entertained and satisfied. 

It definitely feels like it belongs in the same universe as the first two films, and the inclusion of Linda Hamilton is what makes it so Terminator authentic. 

She nails her return as Sarah, and comes off as a badass that can’t be underestimated in any situation. She’s just a thrill to watch, and she really recaptured the essence of T2’s hard as nails version of Connor. 

Arnold also brings a new take to his iconic T-800 role, which is due to the fact that this version of his murder bot has spent 20 years learning how to be more human. The big guy definitely makes the T-800 feel even more human like than ever before, so it was great to see yet another take on this character from the Governor. 

The new cast members also shine with Mackenzie Davis standing out for her physical performance, and Natalie Reyes for her innocence. I wasn’t sure I’d buy into either of these new characters, but thanks to the performances and the narrative, I’d be down to see their journey continue in a full on franchise.

Luna’s Rev-9 murder bot is also a great antagonist, so while the trailers may have looked hokey to you, or didn’t give you hope in the new cast, the final product paints a very different picture and outcome. 

Oh, and the action is pretty freaking epic to boot. There are great melee combat sequences, a frantic car chase, and even a zero-g esque firefight, so even if you don’t enjoy the narrative as much as I did, there are plenty of action set pieces to blow your mind. 

Terminator: Dark Fate is way more legit than its trailers hint. It definitely has some wonkiness, and a few scenes that will make you question if the characters have brains, but overall its a solid 7.5 out of 10 type of action flick. I’d be down for more is what I’m trying to say.

Thanks for watching, I’m Matt Heywood signing off for Entertainment Buddha, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time. 

Review Summary

Story - 7
Cinematography - 8
Sound - 7
Acting - 8.5
Entertainment Value - 7



Dark Fate definitely feels like it belongs in the same universe as T1 and T2, and we can all thank Linda Hamilton's excellent return as Sarah Connor for that.

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