Testing Out Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion Dictation Feature

The entire paragraph below was created using the new dictation feature in OS X Mountain Lion.  As you can see it’s definitely not perfect for long winded posts, but it works ok.  I think it’s main use will be for short messages in Mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Honestly, I’ve hardly used it in iOS either, so I don’t see it as a crucial feature at this time.  It’s more of a, “Hey this is kind of cool!” show-and-tell feature, but it’s far from perfect.  Although, for an included feature in a low-priced OS upgrade I can’t complain.  All Apple apps support this feature with a simple double press of the “fn” key.

Mountain Lion’s Dictation Feature in Real Life 

Well is really no reason for this post outside testing the new dictation feature and apples OS X Mountain lion upgrade case upgrade was made available today for the low price of $20 can be downloaded from the app store and the install overall partakes around an hour.  I doesn’t seeing dictation does okay not really picking up every term I say and you really can’t do sentences so.  I guess you can do sentences after all you just have to say the term. After the end of the sentence.  Over I guess it works okay not the best timing there’s really nothing I can just sit there and nail down entire paragraphs of text. But I think this will come in handy for smaller messages you know SMS twitter Facebook stuff like that. I wonder how many sentences I can say in a row without it screwing up. You’ve been thinking that dictation still needs a little more practice. Period.

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