Thank You Comic Gods, Space Riders 2 Is Coming!

If you were to ask me what my most memorable and enjoyable comic read from 2015 was, I would quickly answer Black Mask’s Space Riders by Fabian Rangel Jr and Alexis Ziritt. It was a fantastic 4 issue mini-series that featured a great story and killer artwork. A thoroughly entertaining read with art that channeled Jack Kirby… on LSD!

sr-tpbIn addition to collecting the first prints of issues 1-4, which had phenomenal covers by Ziritt, I also bought this here yellow hardcover graphic novel, which I read twice. And my mind was blown both times, but then something happened. I realized there were no other Space Riders comics to read and that’s when the panic set in. I wanted MORE of Captain Peligro, his crew and the skullship they ride, the Santa Muerte! All I can say is you’re missing out big time if you haven’t read this series. So do yourself a favor and spend the $20-something bucks and get the TPB. And if you do that at some point before 2016 comes to an end, you’ll be all set for the second volume due out next year.



That’s right folks, it is finally confirmed that more Space Riders is coming down the line! As stated a few hours ago by Rangel on his Facebook page, along with other news regarding various projects he’s involved in. One being a new series called Namwolf, which will be published by Eric Powell’s Albatross Funnybooks in 2017. In the link Rangel shared, an interview he did with, he said this regarding the next installment of Space Riders:

“With ‘Space Riders,’ we wouldn’t have done a second volume if we didn’t think we could top the first one. Luckily, we’re turning it up to 11. And by “it” I mean the Kirby influence. I hope that when people finish volume 2 of Riders they’ll just close the book and die of a blown mind.”

All I can say is this is very good news for comic book fans. Those who have read the first volume understand what I’m talking about. I’ll definitely be following this moving forward and should I learn anything new I’ll be sure to share it here at where we make you a better geek, one post at a time.

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