Thanos and Buzz Lightyear Become One In This Awesome Vector Art Mashup


Mashing together the worlds of Avengers: Infinity War and Toy Story doesn’t sound like an easy task considering one property is live-action with CGI enhancements, where the other is purely a computer generated affair. That didn’t stop vector artist s2lart though, as is evident in the “To Infinity and Beyond” mashup he created featuring Thanos sporting Buzz Lightyear’s iconic space suit. When you see what was created using the vector art style, it’s hard not to appreciate this mashup, which both plays on Buzz’s catchphrase, as well as Thanos’ passion for Infinity Stones. Plus, the Mad Titan looks right at home sporting Buzz’s suit, so while these franchises don’t seem like good candidates to be mashed together, s2lart made it so.

The print truly is amazing to behold, and lucky for us, it’s available to purchase for 20 pounds, or like a million dollars if my math is correct on the conversion rate. If you dig the image as much as I do, you can head over to the artist’s storefront. While you’re there you should definitely check out the other prints for sale, because there are a few great looking Star Wars pieces, and a Batman 1989 piece among other fine looking vector art pieces to comb over.


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