The Ace Backpack From Douchebags Review – Fashion Meets Function

One way to make a brand stand out is to give it a catchy name, and that’s exactly what the team over at Douchebags has achieved. Yes, that is the actual brand name of a designer bag manufacturer, and before you cast them off due to the interesting name, you have to check out one of their newest bags, The Ace. We were sent a sample for review, and it definitely lives up to its billing of featuring “Flair and Function”, so if you’re in the market for a backpack that is highly functional, but is also fashion forward, then you should proceed with our review of The Ace.

The Ace from Douchebags may look like just a backpack, but it’s far from your typical pack. It’s leather design instantly sets it apart from most over the shoulders backpacks, which looks refined in jet black, and definitely adds to the bags expensive designer look. The leather also adds a great layer of protection to the bag since its much tougher than the standard fabric used in most backpacks. The leather also feels rugged, giving the pack a solid feel in your hands.

Of course looks can only get a backpack so far, they also have to be functional for whatever you intend to use them for. In The Ace’s case, it is highly functional thanks to its design. This backpack could be used as an everyday backpack for urban professionals thanks to its nine compartments and 15″ padded laptop sleeve. It could also serve as an awesome travel backpack, especially for trips requiring a flight, because it’s main spacious compartment could easily serve as a portable dresser for your clothes. Finally, this bag could also work for photographers, because the main compartment can house a small to medium sized internal camera unit. All you would need to make this the perfect camera bag would be a divider system if you use a bunch of lenses, but either way the main hold is more than capable of housing a majority of your photography equipment if that’s how you intended to use The Ace.

This main compartment can be made even larger is you remove a built-in divider that can be used to create a nice little pocket at the top of the bag. In addition to this compartment, there are two smaller ones on the front for storage, and one uses a magnetic locking system, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. It makes getting into the compartment a breeze because you don’t have to unzip, or unbutton the pocket, it just easily opens when pressure is applied. I’ve never had a backpack with magnetic pockets, so I greatly appreciated that feature even if it sounds silly.

The Ace has a few other cool features, such as a wire lock that is included in the bottom of the bag for security purposes. It also has a leather cup holder that can expand or retract with buttons. Last but not least, the bag has plenty of leather loops on the straps and front to hook gear onto.

While this bag is mightily impressive, it’s straps are a bit too thin for my liking. I’m talking paper thin with just a bit of gel padding on them, so the bag can get a bit uncomfortable if you have it loaded up. The price is pretty steep too at $269, but when you want function and fashion, you should expect to pay for the latter. The bag does look amazing and expensive though, so if you have the money you can’t go wrong with The Ace if you’re looking for a designer looking high-end backpack.

You can check out The Ace’s official dimensions below. The bag is available from Douchebags today.

The Ace

Width: 33cm / 12.9in
Height: 50cm / 19.6in
Length: 25cm / 9.8in
Weight: 1.5kg / 3.3lbs

Volume: 36 liters

Outer Shell: PU Leather with TC backing 1mm
Inner Lining: 100% Polyester 200D


Review Summary

Build Quality - 9.5
Functionality - 9.5
Price - 7.5
Comfort Factor - 7.5


The Ace is a beautifully crafted backpack that features a fashion forward look with plenty of function.


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