The Activeon DX Actioncam Is Available Now, It Looks Pretty Good

Activeon is a new player in the world of photography, but that in no way means it doesn’t know what it’s doing. Introducing the small but powerful Activeon DX Actioncam, a professional level camera capable of performing at exceptionally high levels, in turn allowing users to produce studio quality films and imagery.

Activeon is not afraid to boast about the functions available within the camera, and the website alone states several fantastic features which are sure to please any budding photographer or film maker. The camera can even output at 1080p at 30fps continuously for up to 120 minutes, more than enough time for the large majority of users. The Activeon DX Actioncam does not however just appeal to amateurs, it also has a range of versatile tools capable of making some top tier cameras available look pale in comparison.


Tools such as 4x digital zoom, time lapse video capability and the fantastic looking aqua mode make the tech proudly standout. No longer will you be forced to buy expensive editing software to create gorgeous time lapse films, because now it can all be done within the camera itself. For those of you who love to venture out in more damp environments, the Activeon DX Actioncam can not only be used underwater up to 196 feet thanks to included waterproof housing, but it also has a brilliant mode specifically for filming in a watery environment. Aqua mode in the simplest of terms allows the user to record exactly what they see, how they see it. Washed out colors will be a thing of the past, as vivid images are all that remain, resulting in gorgeous scenes just begging to be watched again and again.

If recording film is something you do not want to dabble in, then lest you forget that the Activeon DX Actioncam is a 12 megapixel camera, and so images taken are nothing to turn your nose up at. With the right person behind the lens, the Actioncam is most certainly an instrument to be reckoned with.


The Activeon DX Actioncam really does seem like a grand bit of kit, and one film and photography fans everywhere should rejoice about. If you are interested in the product then you can pick one up at this link, alternatively watch the video above showing off just one of the camera’s greatest assets. If however you happen to own one already, then you may be interested to know Activeon will be hosting a weekly competition offering a cash prize of $2000 for the most amazing moment recorded on the camera. If you think you have something gold, then click on this link and upload it for all to see.

The Activeon DX Actioncam is available right now at a retail price of $299.99.


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