The Angry Birds Have Gotten Their Own TV Sketch

If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds then you definitely don’t like wasting hours of your life.  Angry Birds is a wildly popular mobile game that has infected millions of gamers with an addiction for bird slinging.  If you have a smartphone I highly recommend downloading this game ASAP, but you really don’t even need to have played the game to get a chuckle with this sketch.

Keshet TV has produced an awesome Angry Birds sketch on their YouTube channel that deals with a peace treaty signing between the birds and the evil green pigs.  I’m not making this stuff up, play the game.  Let’s just say that the developers of Angry Birds probably eat more mushrooms than a fat guy at a Pizza Hut buffet.  Anyway, this sketch features some awesome acting by the birds and pigs alike.  If you’ve played the game you have all kinds of “No Way” moments while watching this, especially when the inevitable showdown occurs.

My favorite part is when they break out the Angry Birds theme song and start singing to it, which I find myself doing for hours on end after playing the game, so it’s nice to finally know the lyrics (I speak Angry Bird).  Check it out below to see the World’s newest gaming sensation.  You’ve been destroyed by various bird attacks…


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