The Apple Apps are Falling, The Apple Apps are Falling!

Have you ever wanted to punk one of your Apple fanboy friends?  Well, if you don’t mind jail-breaking one of their iDevices you can install a great app that causes all of the icons on the screen to tumble around like a bag full of rocks.  Graviboard can only be installed if you use Cydia, which is an Apple store alternative, so you know what that means.  It means a BIG FAT NO from Apple as far as making this a legit app.

I’m still amazed at how dictator-like Apple really is when it comes to their iOS devices.  I don’t think I could ever switch to an iPhone after using Android.  I just love all of the customization that Android provides, which would require a jail break on an iDevice to pull off.  If you honestly get excited over being able to change your SMS alert tone on an iPhone, you’re definitely a fanboy.  Check out the Graviboard demo below.  It does look annoying yet mesmerizing.  You’ve been busted for trying to install an unapproved app on your iPhone 4…


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