I can’t seem to get The Avengers out of my head now that I’ve seen the film twice.  A result of this is an overabundance of posts revolving around the film and its cast and crew.  I can’t help it.  When a film moves me the way The Avengers did I develop a rabid obsession with it.  It’s not healthy, and it usually results in an abnormal amount of expenditures on items that are related to said property.  For example, after watching The Avengers and realizing a new found respect for the Hulk, I went out and spent close to $100 on Hulk memorabilia in the matter of minutes.  Not normal, but proof that I take my geekery seriously.

Anyway, I have no clue how that anecdote relates to this particular Avengers post, but the point remains that I’ll be infatuated with this property for the foreseeable future.  Hence the reason for me embedding the image below.  You’ve been wrapped up in Avengers land too…

The Avengers in High School


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