‘The Avengers’ Gets Bootlegged with Hilarious Chinese Subtitles

For some reason people are still cheap enough that they’d rather watch a bootleg copy of a movie like The Avengers, than pay for a ticket, or buy it in official Blu-ray form.  To me this is an atrocity against geeky movies.  Not because people are getting robbed out of payment for their hard work (that’s bogus too), but because movies like The Avengers need to be seen in all their digital HD glory with masterful surround sound.  When you take the shady route you can end up with a funky version of the movie that contains incoherent subtitles, which make the movie’s characters sound like babbling mental patients.

Case in point, check out some scenes from a bootleg copy of The Avengers where the Chinese translation is more than just a little off.  They’re pretty hilarious, and definitely give The Avengers that Godzilla feel.  It’s almost as if Whedon handed over the script writing duties to a drunk 3-year-old.  You gotta love cheap a*s video production!  Check out the rest of the insane subtitles below.  You’ve been needing to protect the Rubix Cube…



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