The Banner Saga 2 Coming Next Month

Like a secret carried by a gust of wind, The Banner Saga 2’s release date has been announced out of nowhere.

According to a press release, publisher Versus Evil and Banner Saga 2’s developer, Stoic, will release the much anticipated game on April 19 for PC. A console port of the game will launch this summer.

The Banner Saga 2 will pick up where the first game left off, drawing players once more into a harrowing world inspired by Viking mythology. Strategic battle and difficult decisions will face players at ever turn in Banner Saga 2, continuing the tradition set by its predecessor.

In addition to the news of Banner Saga 2’s release, Versus Evil have confirmed that the game will be on the PAX East showroom floor from April 22-24. Fans will be able to spend hands-on time with the game and experience all that the publisher has to offer at the convention.

Stay tuned for more Banner Saga 2 news and updates.


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