The Beauty of Dead Space 3: ‘Alien’ Infused Sound Design


While playing through Dead Space 3 I couldn’t help but be impressed by the stellar sound design of the game, and I feel it to be the best of the series so far.  With that being said I also feel the sound design shares a very close resemblance to the Alien franchise of movies.  There’s one thematic tone in particular that gets replayed throughout Dead Space 3, and every time I hear it I am instantly transported to my younger years thinking about the first time I watched the Alien movies.

This isn’t a bad thing either.  One of the main reasons franchises like the Alien films and the Dead Space games are so frightening at times is because of their precise use of music and sound to amplify your fears.  The use of a foreboding soundtrack mixed with with eery sound effects can make or break a horror game, but I feel with Dead Space 3’s familiar Alien-esque sound design, more than a few fans will be on edge while playing it.

I may be stretching this tie between these two science fiction horror franchises, but I went ahead and through a video up on YouTube to better illustrate what I’m talking about.  You can check that out below to let me know if I’m insane, or if I’m onto something with Dead Space 3’s sound design.  You’ve been needing to hear it for yourself…


The Beauty of Dead Space 3: This Game Sounds like the Alien Movies [HD]

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