The Beginner’s Guide to Making a FPS Modern War Style Video Game

Yesterday @therealcliffyb jokingly tweeted the image you see below, which pokes fun at the whole “modern war” setting that many FPS franchise have adopted this console generation.  The sad thing is once you read through this road map you begin to realize how true it’s jokes are.  Many of these near future based war games almost have identical plots, characters, and settings yet we continue to feed our hard earned cash to the developers who make them.

That’s not to say that all of these games suck, but the whole gimmick is definitely starting to feel a little stale for me.  Anyway, if you’re looking to get into game development, and want a guide on how to design your first game, check out the road map for success below.  You’ve been wondering which group of Russian terrorists will be the bad guys in COD: Black Ops 2…


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