The Best Games Inspired by Graphic Novels/Comic Books

Star Wars Shadow of the Empire Game Box

Star Wars Shadow of the Empire Game Box

The translation of a book or novel to a video game isn’t typical, but it does happen with enough frequency to compile a list of the ones that have stood above the rest as the best graphic novel/comic book to game adaptations of our time.

These games started out as a written story that eventually became popular enough during these times of technological advancement, to eventually be made into a full-fledged video game.

Not only did they successfully maneuver from paper to the TV screen, but they did so while maintaining the feel and interest of the original novel, while also becoming just a solid video game in its own right.

Essentially, people who weren’t familiar with the original story can still find a lot of fun in playing these games, which is all that really matters once you pick up the controller.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The first installment of the more modern Batman games is one of the best available for the Xbox 360. An instant classic, Arkham Asylum starts you out in the Asylum where the joker is being held, only to see him escape and task you (Batman) with the work of hunting him down and returning him to captivity.

The game has a lot of mystery with twists and turns that can really jog your brain and make you think in ways that you aren’t used to.

Not only is it a great novel to game adaptation, but it’s just an excellent game on all levels.

Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City picks up where Arkham Asylum left off, by taking Batman outside the confines of the Asylum and immersing him in the vast world that is the streets and skyline of Gotham City itself.

This game had a tough act to follow, but it delivered beyond expectations and by many critics’ assessments, outpaced its predecessor.

The game does a superb job of capturing the visuals and atmosphere of Gotham City, while providing an engaging style of gameplay.

Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire

While the games are more directly an adaptation of the movie, Shadow of the Empire is technically adapted from the series of Star Wars novels.

The game is everything that a Star Wars fan could hope for as it provides a picturesque and accurate depiction of what you read in the books and see in the movies.

Spider Man 2

The second Spider Man game is the one you’d want to aim for, as the third one was quite disappointing. This game is loosely based on the movie, which was loosely based on the comic books, so there is some distance between the comic books and the actual video game.

If you’re willing to ignore that, the game itself is actually a lot of fun as it allows you to explore a vast world full of tasks, missions and opportunities to upgrade Spidey’s abilities.

Freedom Force

This game has the distinction of being one of the few games to actually inspire a series of comic books, those of which were released in 2005. The game itself has tremendous replay value as you can go through the single player story several times without getting bored or tired.

We have the long list of characters (both heroes and villains) engaging gameplay and excellent artwork to credit for this as the game presents exciting tactical elements that challenge you to take control of the city while managing to stay alive.

It’s definitely a classic in terms of comic book based (inspiring) video games.

For the comic book fan…

If you’re a comic book fan and enjoy a few hours of video games here and there, these are all excellent titles for you to get your hands on.

Even though comic book characters haven’t gotten quite as many great games as you might have expected, they’re definitely out there for the taking.

You just need to look a little closer.


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