The Best GIFs Are Star Wars GIFs

GIFs, GIFs are great aren’t they? The Internet and its citizens have found many uses for them, which include, but are not limited to memes, show clips, or silly loops. They’re mesmerizing at times thanks to their ability to show animation in a still image format.

In my opinion, the best GIFs are Star Wars related, which is why this post exists. Throughout the weeks as I look for random Internet web gems for EB I sometime come across cool geek art projects, and the latest I found is a year old, but it’s still worth sharing because it focuses on Star Wars. In particular, the GIFs I found below were created for the Don’t GIF Up contest, which saw various artists submitting loops of Star Wars awesomeness for people like me, and probably you to enjoy. I only found four entries, which you can see below, but I found each one to be pretty radical, hence the reason they’ve been embedded for your GIF viewing pleasure. My favorite is the sad chewie, but I also really dig the dog fight ones.

Head on down below to check them out for yourself, and feel free to comment on which one is your personal favorite.

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