The Big 3 of gaming have all now given their presentations to the press at E3.  Behind all the glitz and glamour I feel each company had some highlights, but in my opinion Microsoft stole the show with the Kinect reveal.  The Kinect just seems much more advance than the motion controllers from Sony and Nintendo.  It just seems to be pushing innovation further than the two wand devices from the other companies.

If I had to rate each press conference in order I’d go MS, Sony, and Nintendo in last.  MS had some great exclusive footage for Gears of War 3 and Halo: Reach.  Plus the Kinect demos were mind blowing.  Sony has some great stuff with their Move controller, but it just didn’t seem fresh.  Although, the trailers for Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, and Killzone 3 were phenomenal.  I really enjoyed those segments of Sony’s speech.  Then you have Nintendo.  They had glitches with Zelda, and the Goldeneye reveal was a joke.  That game looks like a POS from the 90’s.  Get with it Nintendo!  Sure the 3DS sounds great, but without being able to see any games on it it just looked like a DS to me.

I feel real good about being a gamer right now.  I think both Sony and MS have some great games coming up for the Holiday season and 2011.  Both of their motion-controls seem light years beyond Nintendo, but I have to give the edge to Microsoft’s Kinect.  I can’t wait to try this thing.  It may blow, but at least it’s something new and not just another wand controller.  Plus each of these companies is releasing some great exclusive games.  Can anyone say, Gear of War 3, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Halo: Reach, and Twisted Metal?

Overall I give MS a 9/10, Sony an 8/10, and Nintendo a 5/10.  I just feel like Nintendo has forgot about hardcore gamers and has moved on to party game land.  Nothing with the Wii seems like it’s geared towards real gamers anymore.  They almost want the casual gamer market exclusively.  More power to them, but I don’t feel like they showed anything worth talking about at E3 2010.

I’ll continue to be a MS fanboy, but I’ll give Sony its props.  Their games are looking good, and it seems they’re starting to lock down some exclusives now, which is a good deal for Sony.  I was starting to think that MS was going to get everything first, which is OK with me, but I think the Sony fanboys just about had enough.  I enjoyed each press conference, and hopefully next year, by some miracle, I’ll be at E3 live!  All hail gaming!  You’ve been rated poorly Nintendo…

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