The Big ‘O’ PC – It Ate an Xbox 360!

Origin’s newest super duper PC rig dubbed The Big O, will indeed have an Xbox 360 within its guts.  This high-end PC will be able to play PC games and Xbox 360 games at the same time.  That is a retarded amount of processing power.  I wonder if this thing comes with its own nuclear power plant?  The Big O is liquid cooled, as well as the 360 slim residing in its belly.  You better be a rich geek because this thing starts at 7k+ for the base model and goes as high as 17K for the F.U. money folks out there.  For 17k this PC better cook, clean, and hold me when I’m crying.

It is an awesome piece of technology if you can afford it though.  I’m all about multitasking and the Big O takes that mantra to a whole new level.  I thought I was cool because I have a gaming setup that allows me to game and watch TV at the same time.  That’s chump sh*t compared to what this PC can do.  Take a look at this beast’s guts below.  It’s straight out of a sci-fi flick.  You’ve been wanting to go broke over a man toy…

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Via [Gizmodo]


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