The Book of Unwritten Tales: Headed for US Release

Independent game developer King Art has announced that adventure game The Book of Unwritten Tales will finally makes it’s way to the United States, while also getting a global release for remaining regions.  As you can see from the teaser trailer and the many screen shots below, the graphics are crisp, vivid, and create a world that seems to draw you in.  Be sure to check out the quick blub from the publisher below, as well as the video and photos.  Also, make sure to keep an eye on in the coming weeks as we will have a full review of this promising looking title (maybe).

The Book of Unwritten Tales Finally Gets US/Global Release Via Digital Distribution

On July 31, one of the best adventure games in recent years, The Book of Unwritten Tales from developer KING Art, will finally be making its way to the US (and globally) via digital distributors like Steam,, Origin and more. The game has made big waves in Europe, and our clients at Nordic Games are helping to bring the game to global audiences via digital distribution.

Why should you care?

  • The game is really funny.
  • It has really high production values; it’s not just some low-budget, slapped-together dealie.
  • Adventure games are seeing a revival, from awesome indie stuff like Resonance and Pendulo’s Day One to bigger-budget games like Double Fine Adventure. If you like adventure games, this is a must-play.
  • Two words: Come onnnnnn.

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The Book of Unwritten Tales – Teaser Trailer

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