I’m continuing my journey with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, which I’m finding to be just one big series of challenge missions with a boss fight tacked on to the end of them. You can read more about the game’s repetitiveness problem in an editorial I wrote yesterday, because today’s feature on the game is about its overly dumb Boss AI.

While playing through one of the final levels you are presented with all of the previous boss fights again, which perfectly keeps up with this game’s monotonous gameplay structure, but considering that the boss AI is about as cunning as a slug, taking them all out the second time is as easy as spam. That’s right gamers, you can pretty much take out all of this game’s bosses by simply spamming the shuriken attack and keeping your distance. Sadly, you don’t really even need this to beat these bosses as your AI teammates will typically beat the living piss out of him while you chill and dream about a pizza break, so one could probably beat every boss in this game without every directly attacking them.

Below is a gameplay clip I recorded during this stretch of duplicate boss fights that perfectly illustrates the braindead boss AI. The clip is trimmed, so to get him to the health he is showing in the clip I just watched my AI companions beat him down while I took cheap shots to keep myself awake. After that I just sit there and spam shurikens until he’s dead. In total the fight probably lasted 2-minutes tops, which is about the same for the other boss fights you repeat in this mission. You can use the exact same strategy to defeat them all too, so it’s not just relegated to this particular showdown.

To me this is a bit of an AI problem, even if I’m playing on Normal. I don’t foresee the difficulty changing the game’s AI, it’ll just make them tougher to whittle down. I guess it’s nice to have AI turtles who are badasses on their own, but some sort of a challenge would have made the boss encounters feel a bit more intimidating. As they stand now I’ve had harder times clearing out waves of standard enemies than the bosses, which shouldn’t be the case. One would hope that the AI would recognize my spam tactic and course correct its routines, but as you saw above the boss will just take the projectiles like a champ until their life meter is fully snuffed out. If anything else, this game offers a pretty stress free experience!


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