Catch Motion Inc is proud to announce the Kickstarter for its CA7CH Lightbox  camera, which is now live. The Lightbox is a tiny box the size of a strawberry and will provide beautiful images and video which will transfer directly via Bluetooth or WiFi to your smartphone through the provided app. With Cloud Storage, capturing footage and photos alike will be a breeze, and something the CA7CH Lightbox will heavily make use of. The device sports an 8-megapixel camera protected by the iconic Sapphire, known for its strength and as some may also know, the lens protector of the heavily regarded iPhone 5.

It also contains some other great features including the ability to repel the effects of water, which may come of great use considering the cameras positioning. Speaking of which, the Lightbox comes equipped with a strong magnetic clip, so attaching it to various items should not be a problem. The Kickstarter video shows it stuck to a slew of items including a hat, guitar strap and even a thick bag strap, the latter of which seems pretty impressive.

The CA7CH Lightbox is still a way off, but has already smashed its original goal of $80,000 in just 2 days so it does not seem impossible to hit the two stretch goals revealed. These include a 16GB model for raising $250,000, as well as a much higher stretch goal of $500,000, which will offer an extra external battery pack to backers paying upwards of $119. Currently sitting pretty (at the time of writing) at $136,159 with 28 days to go, it still has a way off, but you can back the project and help exceed the goals much further by checking out the page for yourself right now.

To get a better idea of what this little magic square can do you should check out the brief video above.


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