If you haven’t been watching The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network then you’re missing out on some of the best Star Wars fiction since Return of the Jedi.  Let’s face it.  The prequel movies sucked so bad that you’d rather eat lead paint chips than pretend to believe that those were enjoyable Star Wars films, so why not indulge yourself with some decent prequel era lore?  The Clone Wars is entering into its 4th season already, and if the trend continues this season should be even better than the last.  For a cartoon this series tells some very engaging tales of what those rascally Jedi were up to during the 3 years of the Clone War.

The best part about the cartoons is that George doesn’t direct them, or write the dialogue, so you don’t have to worry about watching actors robotically spew his script.  In fact, I’d say the cartoon versions of the prequel era characters are more enjoyable than their real life counterparts.  You can check out what Season 4 will be all about below, and if you haven’t seen season’s 1-3 yet make sure to pick them up today!  You’ve found the Star Wars cartoon that you’ve been looking for…

The Clone Wars Season 4 Extended Trailer


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