Like it or not, CoD Infinite Warfare is almost here, and it’s got a shiny new launch gameplay trailer for us to all check out. Most of it is stuff we’ve already seen before, some cinematic stuff, lots of cutscenes, and some gameplay peppered in. If you can say one thing about this game, it definitely looks very pretty, all of the character models look absolutely stunning, it looks more like a movie than a game, to be honest.

Infinity Ward has tried it’s hardest to try to show us all the really cool features and in-depth story that the game has, and I applaud them for that. It just seems like everything they say falls on deaf ears because that first trailer that they released, and the general tiredness towards to futuristic CoD games is growing ever more present. Infinite Warfare could very well end up being an amazing game, but it would seem as though its fate was sealed long before it’s actually supposed to hit shelves. Time will only tell if the game does well, and if this ends up drastically changing CoD games in the future. Check out the trailer above!


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