The D-League Showcases Troubles Couples Have With Choice in Cheeky SAW Parody

The D-League is having a bit of fun this Halloween season with a new SAW parody they’ve cooked up, which adds a humorous spin to the gore-tastic franchise. You see, in this version of SAW, the victims are a couple, and they must save themselves by agreeing on two decisions that new age couples must face these days. What to order from GrubHub, and what to watch on one of the many streaming services available to humans these days.

They must somehow agree on these life changing choices, but as we all know, these days it’s not easy to choose what to eat, or what to watch, thanks to all of the available options at our disposal. These tough choices are driving couples apart faster than shit through a goose! They’re so difficult, that a few couples, maybe even the one featured in this skit, are willing to die over them.

Head on up above to check out the SAW parody.


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