‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Honest Trailer Starring Bane’s Boobs

The screenjunkies have released their honest trailer for Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and it asks some of the most obvious questions about the controversial film.  I for one loved TDKR, but other fans don’t quite feel the same way.  Most of the nitpicks that the Junkies have weren’t a big deal to me, because this is a movie about a comic book character.

Last time I checked the comic book world isn’t really set in a reality similar to ours, so yes, some of the content may not be explainable in our world.  You gotta love fanboys on either side of the coin.  Check out the honest trailer for TDKR after the break.  You’ve been wondering why is everyone so serious…

Honest Trailers – The Dark Knight Rises

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