The Darkest Hour Movie Trailer Puts a New Spin on Alien Invasions

The official trailer for The Darkest Hour dropped a few days back, and after taking it all in I think this alien invasion film may have some legs even though everything out there now seems to be about alien invasions.  What separates The Darkest Hour from other alien invasion movies is that it’s aliens are invisible balls of energy, and not the usual little green men/monster like aliens found in most invasion movies.  It’s also set in Moscow, which could be the first time an alien invasion flick isn’t centered around a large American metropolis like New York City, or Los Angeles.

The one thing that scares me about this movie isn’t the fact that it’s aliens are essentially balls of energy, but the fact that none of the actors look to be recognizable.  Usually when a film is full of no names that means that it’s more often than not full of sh*t too.  If you watch the trailer below you’ll see that The Darkest Hour has promise, but will the cast be able to pull it off?  We shall see this December when it hits theaters in glorious 3D!  You’ve been liking the way these aliens view our meager world…

The Darkest Hour Official Trailer HD


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