‘The Descendant’ Unveils First Gameplay Trailer

The Descendant, a five-part episodic adventure game developed by Gaming Corps, has finally revealed a little of its intriguing universe in a new gameplay trailer. If anything, this post-apocalyptic world just got exponentially more mysterious.

After the wake of an ecological disaster that turns Earth inhabitable, humanity’s fight for survival begins. Underground bunkers, or Arks, house hand-picked, cryogenically frozen descendants of mankind. For whatever reason, Ark-01 is the only bunker that doesn’t open once Earth becomes livable; this event marks the beginning of a dreary journey to find the truth. Two intertwining narratives from both past and present are to be played through, adding an interesting element that gives the player a certain amount of insight that neither of the featured protagonists contain.

Story and gameplay are the focus as the trailer unveils small tidbits of the game’s character-driven moments and investigative gameplay. Player choices can influence the fate of mankind – a heavily weighted responsibility that will trouble even the most decisive of players. Branching dialogue choices and challenging puzzles are additionally abound, but whatever undergoing macabre conspiracy must be uncovered.

The Descendant: Episode 1 releases March 24 on Steam with episodes 2-5 to be released throughout 2016. An exclusive Season 1 bundle is currently available for purchase, as well, granting buyers all five episodes, the game’s full soundtrack, a digital poster, and art book. As an added perk, those who go with the bundle will be granted access to each episode a full 48 hours before each one officially releases.

Little more is known about The Descendant‘s story, but I’ll be damned if this trailer didn’t immediate intrigue me. Check out the game’s Steam page here.

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