The Division 2’s Dark Zones and Conflict Modes Explained

So The Division 2 looks like it’s gonna be pretty similar to the first game, but set in a different location, which is… exactly what I thought it might be. I’m being a goof, I know it’s going to be a little different, and hopefully much less disappointing at launch this time around. Of course, this is the exact same thing that happened to Destiny 2, which was also a big, wet fart at launch, just like the first one.

And since The Division is just Destiny but without superpowers and aliens… I think the writing might already be on the wall. Hopefully my expectations are defied, and it’s actually worth your time and money to play, I certainly never want a game to be bad. I want more good games, because that means I have more things to play.

The Dark Zones are three areas that you can go to where there’s super rare and awesome loot, but also everyone can kill you. You can also have a bounty put on your head too, though, making you a big target to other players, but also giving you some special perks. You’ll be able to lock pick chests, steal stuff from other players that have yet to evacuate, and hack certain objects through the city. So if you wanna be a bad boy, there are ups and downs to it, which does sound kinda cool, I don’t know if that was a thing in the first game, but if not, yay for new mechanics.

Also there’s a plain old Conflict mode where you can just battle other players in various game types. This sounds essentially like the Crucible in Destiny, and again, something that I’m not sure was in the first game. If not, yay for new stuff…

New stuff that sounds like it should have been in the first game.

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