The DNA of Orphan Black Review

Sestras, The DNA of Orphan Black was created especially for you. If you’re not a sestra, but still a huge fan of Orphan Black this is something that you’ll still want to pick up. Think of The DNA of Orphan Black as an encyclopedia for everything Orphan Black. If you don’t know what an encyclopedia is, look it up. They were really useful before the internet and were full of important information.

So The DNA of Orphan Black is published by Titan Books and they alway put out top quality products. This build of the book itself is quite simple, but the pages are thick and have a glossy finish. You’re not interested in knowing that, you want to know just how good is The DNA of Orphan Black? It’s really damn good! I might be a little bias because I already am a fan of Orphan Black. The great thing about The DNA of Orphan Black is that you think you might know all there is to know, but there is always more to be learned.

The DNA of Orphan Black will not only fill you in on all the characters you already know, but you’ll get a little more information as well. The behind-the-scenes information is great because you get to learn why the clones are called Projects Leda and Castor. It’s intereting to learn that there is a bit of history tied into the show. That’s all I’ll tell you for now because you’ll have to pick up The DNA of Orphan Black to learn more about your favorite clones.

If you have been keeping with Orphan Black, then you know just how crazy the story has gotten. Orphan Black is currently airing the 5th and final season of the show. Even if you are all caught up, this is still a great buy at $16.96 on Amazon. This is a must-have for the Orphan Black fan in your life. If anything, you can always treat yourself to The DNA of Orphan Black.

The DNA of Orphan Black is aviable for purchase now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book-A-Million. So do yourself a favor and buy The DNA of Orphan Black. This is an awesome book and you will not be disappointed. Again, Titan Books never disappoints with the quality products they put out.

The DNA of Orphan Black Review Summary

Readability - 10
Presentation - 10
Price - 10
Entertainment Value - 10



The DNA of Orphan Black is a great book to own if you're a fan of Orphan Black. The book features in-depth information about the characters and how the Orphan Black universe came to be.

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