The Q2 2010 data is out for smartphone sales in the U.S., and the numbers are suggesting that the Android platform has become the #1 smartphone platform in the good old USA!  If you combine the sales numbers of the various Android manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, Samsung, etc., you get a 34% market share.  This beats RIM and their Blackberries by 1.9%, and Apple with its iPhone by 12.3%.

This data represents two trends in US smartphone purchases.  The first trend is simple – Americans like new and innovative technology.  The Android based phones are fresh, and it seems that the OS gets new functions every few months.  Android users also have the most free applications to download, which can change the way your phone functions completely, or just give you some games to waste time.  The customization of Android phones is a huge plus over BB’s and iPhones.

The second trend that these figures reveal is that Apple can’t keep up with its competitors while in an exclusive deal with AT&T.  I know for a fact if the iPhone was available on multiple carriers it would probably make up for close to 50% of the U.S. market share.  Apple sells the living sh*t out of these things on a crap network, so imagine if their hardware ended up on Verizon’s network?  I would imagine that Steve and friends are finding a way to weasel out of their 2012 obligation to AT&T.  If they can’t, Android based phones will only keep eating up more of their potential customers.

With growth 9 times higher from a year ago, and an 886% shipment growth rate worldwide, the time of the Droid has arrived!  I myself have become a Droid convert, and I haven’t looked back since.  I love my Droid Incredible and find myself discovering new things to do with it each week.  The customizations are ridonkulous, and the hardware is top of the line.  Well at least until the next Droid gets released in two months.

My only complaint is no front facing camera.  I will admit that the Face Time feature from Apple give me a bone.  Oh well, maybe one day Apple will get crazy and try to expand its available customer base, but until then I’m a Droid lover!  You’ve been overtaken…

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