The Dwarf King Rises In New Total War: Warhammer Trailer

Fresh off the back of the unit trailer from last week, Total War: Warhammer now has a shiny new cinematic trailer to introduce us to these stalwart defenders of the mountains.

Not that these are your grandaddys Dwarfs, oh no, like most peoples in the Old World (the lands where Warhammer Fantasy Battle takes place) the Dwarfs are possessed of a dark streak that sets them apart from their traditional Fantasy kin. While Warhammers Dwarfs are still mostly Good-aligned bearded warriors they are also incredibly stubborn and proud to the point of folly. If a Dwarf is wronged he will hold that grudge for the rest of his days and do anything to settle the score.

To help him (or her) achieve this, the Dwarfs also have access to some of the best steampunk technology their smiths can fashion. Including rapid-fire cannons, helicopters and (of course) ferocious axes. All this and more is on display in the trailer, check it out below and get started on your own Book of Grudges before the game drops later this year.

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