The Dwarfs are Ready for Battle in new Total War: Warhammer Trailer

News about Warhammer:Total War keeps trickling in and, while the pace may be frustrating, it all looks to be building up a positive picture of the game. We should have some more info at the end of the month when EGX 2015 has the first playable demo open to the public, but until then check out the below trailer highlighting everyone’s favorite hirsute heroes: the Dwarfs.

The trailer is a little light on details, but apparently we’ll get to see the Dwarfs in action a little bit later this month in a brand new game trailer. Still, what I’ve seen is pretty encouraging as the heavily armed and armoured dwarves add a nice classical fantasy counter-point to the more renaissance era Empire forces that we’ve already seen.


We’ll jump on the new trailer as soon as it drops, so keep it here with us!


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