The Empire Strikes Back Father Scene – Silent Film Style has a Star Wars clip that portrays the Vader I’m your Daddy scene in the classic silent film style.  Just think Charlie Chaplin if you’re confused.  You know, the good old piano music, black and white, and caption having movies from the beginning of cinema.  Thank God we don’t have to watch films like this anymore.  I don’t think any of us have the creativity or attention spans to make it through a silent film these days.  Especially when you have visual and technical masterpieces like “Avatar”.

Anyway,  the silent film treatment actually works really well with this iconic scene from the Star Wars saga.  I still like the scene better in color with actual dialogue taking place, but the silent style works.  This video will really make you wonder at how far technology has come in regards to film and entertainment in general.  It would’ve sucked to have lived back in the old days for the geeks.  I can’t wait until a future generation says that about our technology.  You’ve been silenced, film style…


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