The End is Nigh in Warhammer Vermintide

Hey, Games Workshop, are you ok?

It just seems like you’ve been spreading yourself a little thin lately, hanging out with some shady characters and we’re all a little worried that you might have picked up something nasty on the way.

I mean, there certainly seem to be alot more Skaven around here then I remember…


That’s right, there’s another new Warhammer game on the horizon but fortunately this one seems to be continuing the recent upward swing in product quality.  In fact, Warhammer: End Times Vermintide, may have a clunky title but it’s being built by FatShark, a team of developers who previously helped bring you the violent and enjoyable Wars of the Roses among other titles, so the pedigree seems pretty solid. 

It’s still in Beta, but so far the trailer (which you can check out below) and screenshots make it look like Vermintide will be a cross between recent solo RPGs like Skyrim with the fast-paced action of cooperative efforts like Left 4 Dead. The action focusses around a band of adventurers trying to fight back against a tide of invading Skaven (rat men for the uninitiated) with tools like axes, swords, guns and magic. It seems like fast-paced and gory fun which could quickly turn into a desperate fight to survive.

The most recent announcement from the team brings a Dwarf Ranger into this unlikely band and the opportunity to smite evil with a two-handed axe will always peak my interest. You can find out more info here; or check out the trailer below if you like your Skaven more mobile.

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