The Epic Fan Made CGI Superman Vs. Hulk Short Continues In Part 4

If you’re unaware of Mike Habjan‘s Superman vs. Hulk CGI short on YouTube, then let us clue you in to one of the greatest fan made comic book shorts of all-time. Mike has slowly been releasing parts of this battle for the past few years. In fact, he first started doing animation tests nine years ago for Superman, so this project has been around for almost 10 years. It features some of the best CGI work you’ll see from a non-VFX Hollywood studio, but the best part is that it showcases one of the greatest comic book geek debates of all-time, which is the question of who would win in a fight — Hulk or Superman?

This is one of the greatest comic book conundrums around, because both characters are essentially invincible. I’m a Superman trumps all type of guy, but I also respect the Hulk’s abilities greatly, and the fact that he only gets stronger the angrier he gets does lend some credence to the argument that he could beat Superman. I still contend that Superman could just fly his big green ass into the sun, but what do I know.

Anyway, Mike has posted the fourth part to this epic battle, which you can check out above. I love how he modeled Superman after Christopher Reeves, and I appreciate the look of Hulk, which is a mix of the MCU Hulk and Lou Ferrigno. But the true joy in this short is the action and high-quality animation. Mike is a talent, there’s no doubt about it, so get to watching the next part of his epic project now!

If you missed the other three episodes, then you can catch up on them below.

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