Evil Dead 2 is by definition, one of the best examples of a cult hit. The follow-up to 1981’s Evil DeadEvil Dead 2 serves as a semi-sequel of sorts, bringing Bruce Campbell’s Ash back into the forefront of the horror-comedy crusade.

CineFix, one of the internet’s most talented movie making teams, has taken it upon itself to recreate the iconic trailer for Evil Dead 2, using only homemade materials.

The result is a hilariously DIY rendition of an already notoriously low-budget film. Executed perfectly, however, Evil Dead 2’s homemade trailer is a perfect shot for shot recreation.

Those who don’t believe that the YouTubers could have made the entire trailer themselves perfectly shot for shot can check out the above comparison videos showcasing both videos side by side.

Lastly, CineFix has also given viewers an inside look at the effort to create such a wonderfully wacky trailer, showing off various behind-the-scenes moments.


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